With You in Acadia

by Pinebox

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released June 19, 2016

All songs writen and performed by Pinebox
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Travis Wilburn
Recorded April 2016 - June 2016 at Keystone Studio in Oxford, MS
album artwork by Sam Cox
Shoutout to Wesson Dean. Without you, this EP wouldn't have been possible. We love you, brother.



all rights reserved


Pinebox Oxford, Mississippi

Some racket-makin' good boys from Mississippi

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Track Name: Lookout Mountain
My legs are made of paper when you touch me like you used to
And I can feel you breaking off

Just forget about the way you loved me
Laying on the rug and dreaming
My bare skin is teeming with such disgust

Mayday, mayday. I've cut the cord.
I had some friends, but not no more.
I'm trying harder, I'm doing my best.
But I can't forget the shape of her dress.
Track Name: Rasselas
We saw the pyramids,
or holding cells,
of bodies caught in the pursuit
of happiness in other lives
or lack thereof.

We met hermits that knew everything
about math and planets,
but nothing of a friendly touch.

We cried like babies when our friend was kidnapped,
but were happy for the first time ever
when we bought her back.

We realized happiness does not exist
without all of this bad.

The things we saw
and the lessons learned
should've hurt.
But it only brought closure.
Track Name: Shrapnel Dress
I can still feel your lips against my cheek.
I wear your lipstick stains with pride.
I look into your eyes and smile back.
The seconds tick and I am lost.

Now, you're wearing a shrapnel dress.
I am such a mess.
I can still feel you in my chest
and I swear to God that I'm doing my best

I am such a mess

(I swear I'll try my best)
I can still feel you in my chest
(My heart's been beating less)

Every blank wall is your face.
Every curtain is your dress.
I lost you in the wreckage
of a decaying mind
Track Name: Pollock
Whoever heard of glass and knives?
Whoever heard of breaking a sweat?

Start with shards.
Forget about the bloodstains.
Press your filthy,
sweat-drenched hands
into everything you create.

Whoever heard of a studio with blank walls?
Whoever heard of such careful work?
Track Name: Warren (Die Alone)
I don't want you to see me like this,
with tear stains on the sleeve of your jacket.
I don't want to overwhelm you,
just take me home and forget about it.

Can we call it a day and just go home?
I think I'd rather be alone.
I'm trying to solve these problems in my head.
But, now, I'm losing you instead.

I never really could quite get through to you
Your clever words are just a disguise
To hide how you truly feel inside

Will you still be by my side
when I feel there's nothing left?
I need someone to remind
me why I'm still alive.